You! [Guest Post]

Poem on You

Doleful, desolate, world weary, lonesome…

that was me…
my sorrow made me look haggard and woebegone
sat by myself in the corner, corner of your eyes…
you could feel my pain
like a big German shepherd fed and restrained
I still remember those eyes saying to me
“It’s better by far you should forget that blasé
and smile that you should remember..”
and then I believed in doing so 
as well as the sweetness of you angelic heart
a sweet “hey” tangled our paths 
I never believed in fairies
and now am on the seventh cloud that am with you
so I have to say
I found a reason to change who I used to be
a reason I never thought would be
and the reason is “YOU”
  • Madhup


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